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How to open Z3D

Name: Z3D (ZModeler 3D File) Developer: Zanoza
Supported OS: Windows Category: 3D Image Files

What is Z3D

Z3D file extension or ZModeler 3D File is a 3D Image Files.

ZModeler 3Dimage. Itisafree 3Dmodelingsoftware that stores one or more objects three-dimensional geometry. It may also include some effects like lighting. It is often used for saving models of various vehicles and racing cars. Z3D format files can be exported to plenty 3D image formats, such as Wavefront .OBJ Formats and 3DStudio .3DS. ZModeler also supports car models formats from numerous of games, including Need For Speed: Shift, Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit, Grand Theft Auto.

Below you can find instructions how to download Z3D and then open it.

What program opens Z3D

File with the Z3D file extension can be opened in the operating system Windows.